Permanent makeup
Marika Suhaya

Permanent makeup online course 'WOW LIPS' starts on 7th of July

With our unique online course on permanent lip makeup in just 1 week you will learn how to create perfect beautiful lips with an even velvet color, learn how to make dark and aging lips. You will definitely stand out among many permanent makeup specialists
This course is for you if you:
For you
Can't draw a high-quality lips sketch
Not happy with the contour
Have difficulties with the lips pigment selection
Have fear to work without anesthesia
Don't know how to do the correct skin stretching
The lips pigment looks uneven and ugly
Don't have the opportunity to attend courses in other cities
Can't get beautiful color on dark and cold-tone lips
Can't place your hand correctly
Don't know how to work out the contour space
Do not understand how the equipment differs and what result it gives when working
Wondering how to choose photos and process them for a portfolio
Only the sky is the limit
Only sky
We all started our way from somewhere, we all went through our own mistakes and ran into obstacles. Once having seen the work of our dream we wanted to learn how to do the same
If you are a working master who wants to improve your level and make perfect beautiful lips with velvet tint, then come to my course
I went through a huge number of training workshops. I invested not only a lot of finances, but also a lot of time there until achieved the result that I began to like! Of course you can go the same long way, or you can come to my course and get all my knowledge and skills in just one week
My works
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How to learn making lips
In WOW-Lips technique?
My author's course will teach you:
An online course is a great opportunity to get the skills you need without spending extra money on travel and accommodation
You have the opportunity to study from anywhere in the world and improve the quality of your work from the very first day of training
to understand the devices and principles of work
to consider 5 main aspects for the master's perfect results
to draw a beautiful and quick sketch with and without a red pencil
to fix and preserve the shape
how to know and satisfy the client's needs
what is the correct transfer of a sketch
the rules for work with organics and inorganics
how to apply the pigments without spots and joints
to create a velvet painting
to work properly with a white roller
to take beautiful pictures
to place your hand
You will also get:
Demonstration lessons with step-by-step explanation
Feedback from me
Нow the course will be:
White pencil sketchec
Skeyches drawing with and red pencil
Photo processing
- practice on cold lips
- overlap practice
- practice on aging lips
- practice on dark lips
Zoom meetings record
February 4th at 6 pm - live broadcast in Zoom, where you can listen to theory and ask questions (broadcast recording will be available for 3 months).
Then you have the lessons opened. Lessons on the platform will be available for 3 months, you can watch them at any convenient time.
You can get feedback in the telegram chat: you do the work on the model and send photos to the chat (if you want to get feedback from Marika) - within 2 weeks.
Enroll now
Prepay 5000 rubles
Pay the rest until May 5th!
The discount will remain!
Want a 10% discount?
The discount offer is valid until March 20
Who is this course for:
For masters who want to be a top and differ in their work from other masters in their city
For those who want to learn how to make perfect beautiful lips with a uniform velvet look
For those who want to learn how to make dark and aging lips
For masters who do not like working with lips! I will teach you how to love them
For masters who lack inspiration
Why my course?
Step-by-step explanation of all hand moves and every stage of perfect lips creation with a velvet painting
Access to online classes in HD quality with macro photography, several meetings in ZOOM, as well as my personal check of your homework. A specially designed online course is no different from offline work with me
You will save more than 100 thousand rubles and months of time. Get dozens of grateful clients and you will see a completely different quality of your work from the very first day of studying
This is the best investment in yourself in such a format allowing you to save money and still to leapfrog in your progress towards practical excellence
Course content:
Part 1
Theory (zoom meeting)
- Lips structure
- Sketch fixing
- Lip structural units
- The most common mistakes in working with lips
- What the sketching starts
- The most popular pencils for sketching, which are better to use
- Sketch in red or white? What's better? Pros and cons
- Sketch symmetry check
- The technical part of the work: what lines are preferable to use/strokes for different filling effects!
- What needles to use
- Correct sketch fixing the and its checking
Part 2
- The correct position of the apparatus in the hand
- How to train hands on the latex line
- Strokes, laying blocks
- How to fix and place hands correctly when transferring a sketch (stretching and angle / client position)
- Sketch drawing - red lips
- Sketch drawing - white pencil
- Scheme demonstration on latex
- Demonstration of work on the model with step-by-step explanation
- Beautiful selling photo and photo processing
Part 3
Online course WOW-LIPS with feedback
Price: 19 990 rubles
Training process:
Video lessons with HD quality and macro photography (3 months lessons access)
Online meeting in Zoom (held online, but the recording of the meeting will be available)
Checking homework (personally by Marika within 3 weeks from the beginning of the course)
Chat support with like-minded people in telegrams (access to the chat for 1 month)
Personal supervision by the author of the online course Marika Suhaya
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Free lesson:
What you get after the course:
Lips become your favorite zone
You will have a lot more grateful clients
You have wonderful healed lips
You easily select the pigment for your client
You cope with the sketch drawing much faster
You make a beautiful velvet painting on any machine
You take amazing pictures and perfect photo manipulation
You have proper lips stretching and work without anesthesia and edema
Посмотреть урок
Students' works after my course completion
Marika, you are so wonderful professional!
Thank you so much yesterday webinar.
Very informative and simple techniques.
You are so cute and experienced. Love you!
I will definitely follow your works

I am rewatching your webinar for the hundredth time
And I try to repeat all you tought us and I made such beautiful lips for the first time in my life!
Only you told how to set the elbow and wrist properly, the body position that is so important!
As soon as I started implementing new knowledge I got suh perfect results!
Thank you so much!
My baby dolls! I've always dreamt of making perfect lips.
You need practice and experience for a quality work, but first to lay the groundwork of theoretical basis.
I went through lots of trainings and courses, but this is the best that ever happened to me! Three informative days of intensive skill upgrade.
I left with a huge knowledge base that I am so thankful for.
You want to grow professionally close to professional like Marika!
don't just stand there, learn new techniques, invest in your professional development on the way to success.
I am so inspired and waiting for clients. Will make girls even more gorgeous!

Feedback from students of the previous stream
Course author and expert
Created a unique online school program
Author of a unique master training program
Creates the most beautiful velvet Wow Lips in Russia
Marika Suhaya
47 600 subscribers
Golden Bee Awards EFFECT shading EYEBROW Winner
World speaker and judge of numerous permanent makeup conferences in Russia, Europe and America
Head of the best permanent makeup school in Russia
International trainer of permanent make-up
Has performed more than 7.5 thousand procedures
Has over 700 successful masters graduates
Speaker and Judge of IV Permanent Evolution 2020 Krasnodar
Frequently asked Questions
Is it real to teach permanent makeup online?
Yes. Many masters are worried about setting hands and working out sketches on models. My task is to teach you how to work efficiently, so each lesson we will go through something new and repeat the basics of setting hands. The strokes will be shown in macro photography. My classes are step-by-step instructions just for you
I'm afraid to work with a client, what if I make it crooked?
We thoroughly work out all your actions throughout the course. We put quality work in the first place, we choose good equipment and pigments
What documents will I receive after training?
You receive an international graduation certificate from my school
Will I be able to watch classes anytime?
Yes. This is the great advantage of online learning! You can watch classes anytime, anywhere for 3-6 months. A good education can now be obtained without buying tickets and travelling to big cities
Just enroll in a free lesson
If you have any questions?
Let's talk honestly
Let's talk
How much will you pay or you have already paid for permanent makeup trainings?

I spent more than 500 thousand on additional training workshops, models, unsuccessful promotion options, which you can save

By enrolling in my course, you protect yourself from mistakes that every permanent makeup master can make. You will gain invaluable experience and improve the quality of your work

Any contribution to your training is a step towards your professionalism

I believe that every master should feel confident and perform their work with high quality.

My course is unique. It will teach you not only to do permanent lip makeup, but also to sell your skill to clients
It's time to act
Start your studying from anywhere in the world at a convenient time
Increase the quality of your work from the first day of training
Rise your skills one level above
Become the best master in your city
Enroll in the course now and get amazing results right after training

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